Eat, sleep, skate, repeat

Have you heard it’s only 25 sleeps until Christmas? That, in my book, means it is time to get in the festive spirit. And what better way to do just that, than get on a pair of skates and get ice skating?

This week I did just that. Admittedly, this was not by choice but rather as a surprise. After a large glass of red wine, I was led down The Strand and steered towards Somerset House to ‘see what was going on’. As I turned the corner, I was met with a perfect festive scene: the beautiful courtyard of the former public building lit up by soft spotlights, overlooked by a huge ‘SKATE’ sign and focused on beautiful, twinkling Christmas tree. Christmas carols were being played through the speakers and the excited atmosphere was nothing but infectious.

I haven’t donned a pair of skates in well over 10 years and the thought of getting onto the ice was somewhat terrifying, but bracing myself I went on. And what fun! Yes, I did spend the first 10 minutes clinging to the side in awe of the people whizzing around, and sympathising with other few individuals like me trying maintaining complete contact with the wall.

But after that, it was time. After some persuasion and the promise of a hand to cling onto I was off, I was gliding, I was actually even sort of skating. It was great! Minus my screams of ‘don’t let go of me, don’t let go or I will kill you’ it was the perfect Christmas scene.

I fell over once (rather gracefully may I add) but in a flash, I had a blue-bibbed attendant right there picking me back up and setting me on my way. After an hour, ladies and gentleman, I even did a few laps on my own.

Really, I loved it. Everyone was so happy, there were carols, there were spectators, everyone was singing, dancing and everyone was so good! Who knew we were a nation of skaters? Where does everyone get the balance from? In case you can’t tell, the whole thing left me on a bit of high and I can’t praise it enough.

All this coming from the lady who was nicknamed ‘baby giraffe’ at University for her total lack of balance – what better recommendation could you ask for?

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