All you need to know about Brainiac Live

And find out what Minimaster Mila makes of the experience.

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Brainiac Live is the explosive show affirming that science is not just for school. For the rest of the summer holidays, kids (and big kids!) can enjoy a show full of sparks and explosions, learning a thing or two along the way. Find out more about the live experience below.


What is Brainiac Live about?

Brainiac Live takes on the big science questions on every child’s mind. What is the best way to spin an office chair? How to best fire a dirty sock across a room? And just what objects explode in a microwave? Do not try this one at home.

To save parents everywhere from having to redecorate this summer, the Brainiacs do all the crazy experiments so the kids don’t have to. Not only do they experience all the bangs and whizzes before their very eyes, visitors learn what exactly makes the big noises and bright sparks in the first place.

Everyone going to see Brainiac Live better bring their thinking caps. Between experiments questions are posed to the audience and it takes some quick mental gymnastics to answer them, giving grown-ups and children the perfect opportunity to puzzle over science together.

Those returning to school this September might even surprise their science teachers with some of the takeaways from the show.


Who stars in Brainiac Live?

The Brainiacs are led by Brainiac Ned – played by Andy Joyce – who also directs the show.

Joining him is show veteran Brainiac Ed – played by Rik Warren – a mad scientist who rather willingly takes on the show’s most dangerous stunts.

Brainiac Raz completes the threesome, played by Maggie Fazer. Pay special attention to her because she explains all the fascinating science behind the explosive fun.


Why should families go and see Brainiac Live?

It’s the kids show that’s not just for kids. Children of all ages and their parents love the thrills of rockets, fireworks and explosions. The kids learn plenty of new facts, while the parents rediscover the fun from their old GCSE revision sessions.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our Minimaster, 6-year-old Mila, had to say about the show:

“I really enjoyed Brainiac Live. It was full of loud explosions and bangs! Brainiac Raz was my favourite, she is really smart. Brainiac Ned is also good and funny!”

Brainiac Mila

What are the critics saying about Brainiac Live?

“Excellent… Science Museum meets Top Gear” – The Guardian

“Shows to beat school holiday boredom this summer” – The Telegraph

What else do I need to know?

Brainiac Live runs at London’s Garrick Theatre until 1 September 2019, with a running time of one hour with no interval.

The show is recommended for children aged 6 and over.

Catch Brainiac Live at the Garrick Theatre in London until 1 September 2019 – book your tickets through