Review: Freddie Flintoff brings 2nd Innings tour to the Palace Theatre

As Freddie Flintoff’s 2nd Innings tour continues, find out what happened when we caught the show in London…

There’s a thick sense of anticipation in the air before Freddie Flintoff appears on London’s Palace Theatre stage.

The tension is comparable to the moments before you’d watch the England cricket star step up to bowl in the most gripping moments of The Ashes. But as the Oasis soundtrack fades, it’s cheers all round as an intro film projects highlights of Freddie’s most heroic match replays in his cricket whites.

“In 2005, England found a new hero,” the clip declares, recalling the Preston sportsman’s success in the twelve months leading up to his England captaincy.

Despite the various career celebrations that are beamed out during the show – mosaicked accordingly into a series of unforgettable pitch highlights – Freddie is surprisingly shy and modest with how he approaches any of his successes.

His comfort comes with humour, as host Clyde Holcroft unveils clips of The Ashes Parade in 2005, and prods Freddie on the various times his infamous behaviour has resulted in newspaper headlines.

freddie flintoff interview - ashes parade 2005

No stranger to controversy, it’s refreshing to watch Freddie talk so openly about his entire cricketing career (warts and all).

Some of his team mates, celebrity friends and even Australian cricket legend, Merv Hughes – whom he became close to while filming I’m A Celebrity… in Aus this year – are in the house tonight. Although something tells us Freddie is just waiting until he’s heckled by the likes of close friend, Jack Whitehall.

During two hours of chat, the audience rally around the pair repeatedly as Clyde relays stand out stories from the last 10 years, and despite the occasional cringe moment on Freddie’s part, the whole room is on side from start to finish.

If you want to meet Freddie Flintoff in his most honest and open forum yet, 2nd Innings is it.

Freddie Flintoff – 2nd Innings runs until November 2015, with stops in Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Leeds, Hull, Manchester, York, Plymouth, Doncaster and loads more. Get full dates and tickets now at