Minimaster watches T20 Cricket at The Oval

Emily enjoyed an evening watching the T20 Cricket at The Kia Oval in London.

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The Vitality Blast returns this summer with plenty of cricket action for you to enjoy. The league consists of 18 teams spilt into two groups of nine and will complete over the course of two months to become the T20 champions. The finals will take place at Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham on 15 September. We sent Minimaster Emily to watch the Surrey vs Glamorgan game at The Oval in London, and even though the team she supported sadly lost, she had a fantastic time.

On Tuesday 31 July 2018, I went to the Oval to watch a T20 cricket match with my mummy and my nanny. It was a very good match between Surrey and Glamorgan and I supported Surrey because that is where I live.

It was an amazing trip to The Oval. I had never been before. My mummy drove and we found a parking space easily. However we did get there early – the match started at 18:30 and we got to the Oval at 16:30 so we walked all around the ground exploring before we came across the Family Zone.

Cricket Minimaster

When we got up to the Family Zone (on second floor of the England Suite), we found a Games Room. This room also served food and drinks and we didn’t even have to queue when we got thirsty or hungry. My favourite part of the zone was the games room where they had lots of interactive games that we could take part in and I even got my face painted here too. My favourite game was the Virtual Reality Cricket. I wasn’t very good at it but it was so much fun.

Cricket Ticketmaster

I was also given flags, a hat and bangers so I could support Surrey when the match started. We also had a 4/6 sign that we could hold up when a 4/6 was scored.

When it got to 18:15, we made our way to our seats, which were amazing as they were right in front of the action. I learnt a lot more about the game as I’d only ever played or seen cricket at school. There are 20 overs for each team and there are six bowls in an over. Surrey batted first, this was really amazing as we got to cheer on Surrey and I got to use my 4/6 score card quite a lot, as well as using my bangers. Surrey finished 194-4.

Cricket Minimaster

Between the overs I found out that they have a floss cam, kiss cam and oblivious cam where the camera filmed the crowd and supporters. It was funny to see children and adults try to do the Floss. There was also a scatter blast where t-shirts were thrown into the crowd. You also could tweet at SurreyBlast so my mummy tweeted and I got my picture on the big screen, I loved it.

When the interval came we went back into the Family Zone, where I went and played some more games. I tried to beat my score on how many numbers I could hit in 30 seconds but I only managed 18.

While I was watching the match, two people in the crowd caught the ball. This is known as a Kia catch, where you could win money if you caught the ball. I couldn’t believe the two people who caught the balls won £1000. It was so exciting, I think they even made the sports news.

Even though Glamorgan won with four wickets two spare (195-6) I still thoroughly enjoyed it and I am now a Surrey supporter for life.

This was my first time going to the cricket and I can’t wait to go back soon. I have asked my mummy to look at the next fixture and I for sure want to go back to the Family Zone.

All photos were provided by Emily and family.

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