Interview: A quick howl with WWE’s Wolfgang

We caught up with WWE and ICW star Wolfgang in Norwich on the eve of the first-ever WWE UK Championship Live shows.

We caught up with WWE and ICW star Wolfgang in Norwich on the eve of the first-ever WWE UK Championship Live shows.

Brutal and hard-hitting yet agile and high-flying… Glasgow’s Wolfgang became a fan-favourite in January at the WWE United Kingdom Tournament in Blackpool, where he felt “the weight of a nation” on his shoulders as Scotland’s only competitor. He may have lost to Tyler Bate in the semi-final (and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, as Bate went on to win the whole thing and become the inaugural WWE UK Champion), but ‘The Regulator’ added a ton of new faces to his wolf pack.

Growing up watching “Undertaker, Stone Cold and Kurt Angle” in the WWE, and having built up 14 years of experience on the independent circuit – himself a former ICW World Heavyweight Champion – being involved with the WWE is a dream come true for the deceptively nice Scot. And before getting to Norwich for the first WWE UK Championship Special, he got to be a part of the WWE Live tour with some of his fellow UK Superstars, which was a surreal moment: “Seeing the poster, Randy Orton with the UK guys in the middle… that’s a keepsake; I took that.”

With a future destined to be full of many more mind-blowing moments, we managed to pin down Wolfgang for a few words.

The 255-pound Wolfgang pulls off a massive moonsault: WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament

“I noticed it more on the social media aspect. You don’t know the power of social media until you actually see what it can do – and it just blew up over night. It hasn’t changed my life that much – I mean it’s great getting to work with WWE (laughs) – but we’re fortunate enough that we still get to do all the independent shows, and there’s an ICW tour going on [that Wolfgang got to still be a part of]. So it’s great getting to be able to fly between both: the WWE and the independent scene.”

“If you’re a fan of British wrestling, you know that there’s just an abundance of talent here. The two names I always drop in are BT Gunn and Stevie Boy Xavier – they’re two guys who don’t really get the recognition they deserve. I hope to one day see them here. But there’s plenty of guys throughout the UK and Ireland who deserve at least a shot on the show.”

“What’s next for Wolfie? It’s just a complete whirlwind, they keep their cards close to their chest and don’t really tell you a lot, so you take it a day at a time and perform to the best of your ability. So, if I had to choose – rather than sitting and watching WrestleMania [like he got to do this year], I’d rather be on the show. Whether that’s on the undercard or back at Axxess again – I just wanna keep the momentum going, both for the WWE and the UK scene.”

There’s plenty more WWE action taking over the UK over the coming months, starting with the WWE NXT tour which culminates at Download Festival. Here are those dates:

5 June – GE Oil & Gas Arena, Aberdeen
7 June – First Direct Arena, Leeds
8 June – Centre, Brighton
9 – 11 June – Download Festival 2017

Tickets for WWE NXT are available now through