Georgie Hermitage chats about family, training and the World Para Athletics Championships

We meet up with Paralympic gold medallist Georgie Hermitage at her regular training ground to find out more about the World Para Athletics Championships London 2017.

Inspired as a spectator during London 2012 to return to the world of competitive athletics, sprinter Georgie Hermitage has worked against the odds to celebrate gold medals four years later at Rio 2016.

Alongside living with hemiplegia affecting movement in the lefthand side of her body, Hermitage is a relatively new mother and a latecomer to the sport. As she tells us in our interview, available to watch in full below, it’s these stories that make the Para Athletic Championships so inspiring.

Our conversation celebrates family. With 100 days to go until the start of the World Para Athletics Championships London 2017, Georgie is keen to get across the inclusive atmosphere of the event. It’s a space for families to get together and to be inspired, just as she was in 2012.

Her daughter is by her side as she prepares for the competitive event. Tilly may not understand it all just yet, but she’s proud of her mother’s success. For Georgie, it’s a careful balancing act, but one that cements the worth of it all.

We’ll be keeping in touch with Georgie right up until the Championships to find out how her training is going, and more on her thoughts and feelings as the big event looms.

To kick it all off, we headed down to her training ground to find out more about the Para Athletic superstar. Check it out below:

Georgie Hermitage on the World Para Athletic Championships

Tickets are available now for the World Para Athletic Championships, taking place at London Stadium from the 14 – 23 July 2017. Grab them now to be part of the unmissable action.