Five things wrestling fans think at WWE Live

Here’s why we felt like total wrestling rockstars after seeing WWE Live at London’s The O2…

1. Being a ‘Woo girl’ was our new life ambition

The art of Woooo–ing is no longer a calling card of boozy girls and small children. This is the known anthem of the man, the myth, the legend Ric Flair and The O2 knew it. The crowd was filled with children and parents alike echoing his punch line, creating buzz and excitement across the venue before the man himself appeared in the flesh.

2. We saw the superstars making wishes come true backstage

Being lucky enough to drop by the backstage meet and greet, we were graciously met by veteran diva Alicia Foxx and up and coming super star, Tyler Breeze. The athletes were more than happy whilst signing autographs and taking photos with children who’d accessed the invitational via the Make A Wish foundation and other charities granting the humble wishes of seriously ill and loyal UK fans.

3. Tables and chairs became something else entirely 

The workplace now looks like a battle field to be treated with caution thanks to Bubba Rey and D- Von, The Dudley Boyz. Xavier Wood’s luck ran out in London when Big E and Kofi were kicked outside the ring, resulting in a legendary d3 through a table for a Dudley win. Of course, to the crowd delighted in this.

4. It’s official, age is just a number

Seeing two veteran WWE stars fighting it out like it was their first match confirms that you are only as old as you feel! Kane and the Big Show, we thank you.

5. We left our inhibitions at the door 

The community feel at any WWE show is unlike anything else. Prepare to chant, stamp your feet and roar as one throughout the entire show, without a flutter of judgement from your fellow punters. Providing your cheering on the same stars, that is.

WWE Live is back in the UK throughout April, kicking off in Birmingham on 16 April and ending on 23 April in Glasgow. Book WWE Live tickets now at

Words: Sarah Wilson