England score seventh win of the year at Wembley Stadium

England’s 10th and final game of 2015 saw them beat France 2-0 and brought the seventh win of the year for the men’s team. The starting line-up was the youngest under current England boss Roy Hodgson, with an average ago of 24 years.

Dele Alli, Tottenham midfielder, scored the first goal in his full England debut with after a tackle with Schneiderlin in the middle and a little help from Rooney who passed the ball back to Alli. The goal, shot from 25 yards away, dips into the top left.

The first half is filled with great attempts from both teams and even though it’s a friendly, both teams were going for it. The French fans, although much smaller in numbers, seem to simply overpower the English fans in volume and spirit. It is a friendly atmosphere at Wembley Stadium, among players and fans alike.

The second half gets underway with two substitutions for France and a goalie swap for England. Just two minutes into the second half, Alli wins another big tackle against Pogba, and with assistance by Sterling, Rooney hammers a classic volley right into the bottom right of France’s goal.

England hold their defence well for the rest of the game and it seems France run out of tactics once they get into the final third. There are a few goal shots but all saved by Butland. Dele Alli is voted man of the match, and rightly so. He’s shown great potential and skill in his senior England debut.

It was great match with England scoring two beautiful goals and France giving it their best, understandably missing a little spark of energy. Goal attempts remain rather low with eight in total on either side and ball possession mostly on England’s side. It is always quite special to root for the home team at Wembley Stadium, especially when it is against teams like France.