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Review: Fright Nights at Thorpe Park

We ventured into Thorpe Park’s scare-fest and, safe to say, we were thoroughly spooked

This October, Thorpe Park is undergoing a ghoulish transformation. Between the hours of 3-9pm on select dates, the park comes alive with the undead, teeming with creepy characters, brand new scare experiences, and all manner of Halloween celebrations. If you’re partial to a few gentle spooks and nothing more then it’s best to steer clear of the park’s more intense new additions – you can still get your heart racing dodging scarecrows in Mawkin Meadow or stumbling upon the many roaming creatures coming to life inside the park’s gates. However, the braver among you can follow our lead and dive headfirst into Thorpe Park’s Fright Night.


Attractions such as post-apocalyptic winged ride The Swarm and horror rollercoaster SAW – The Ride will now operate after dark, making those huge drops even scarier. But the real highlights of Fright Night are the four scare mazes and experiences hosted within the park. Come with us as we venture into each one…



Not to give too much away, but this one’s for anyone who’s ever wondered how they’d fare in a horror movie. There’s a brand new terror around every corner in Trailers, and it only gets more terrifying as you journey further in. Trailers may be billed as marginally less terrifying than the other two mazes but be warned – this cinema-themed experience left us shaken.

The Terminal

THORPE PARK Resort FRIGHT NIGHTS The Terminal Trailer '22

The Terminal is billed as an audio scare experience. “How scary can sounds really be?” you may find yourself confidently wondering aloud (as we did). But when plunged into the total and complete darkness of The Terminal, that confidence goes out the window very quickly. The premise here is that you’re being transported via cryopod to an intergalactic utopia and crossing your fingers that nothing else is onboard the ship with you. Either way, you wouldn’t be able to see it…

Creek Freak Massacre

THORPE PARK Resort FRIGHT NIGHTS Creek Freak Massacre: The Final Cut Trailer '22

The Buckwheat family invite you to tour their sawmill, where they’ve been having to get a little creative in order to make ends meet. The family are on a rampage, and once they’ve got you inside, there’s no escape. This one’s a true horrorfest, so be prepared for some gory sights and some chainsaw chases, and do your best to fight the urge to run.

Survival Games

THORPE PARK Resort FRIGHT NIGHTS Survival Games '22 Trailer

If you saw Squid Game and thought, “That looks like fun!”, then you’ll love Survival Games. The mood here is pure terror from the moment you walk through the door, ready to compete in the ultimate battle for survival against those entering alongside you. Don’t expect to stay with your friends – you’ll be sent in different disorientating directions, made to crawl through dark tunnels and walk into dark rooms where terrifying things lurk in the shadows. And if you’re someone who remains calm in a horror maze by remembering that no one’s actually going to touch you… tough luck.

Fright Nights at Thorpe Park will run on selected dates until 31 October from 3-9pm. Book tickets here.