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Minimasters interview Fast & Furious Live’s director

Ethan and Logan find out what it takes to bring the films to life and share their favourite parts of the show!

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As the UK tour of Fast & Furious Live kicks off, we sent Minimasters Ethan and Logan to interview Roland French – director of the hit show.

In our special interview, the boys discover how the show was conceived and learn what the challenges were in bringing it to life before the tables are turned on them and Roland gets to quiz them on what they loved about the show and why Fast & Furious Live is the perfect show for the whole family.

Take a look at the video here:

Fast & Furious Live | Interview

Fast & Furious Live is on tour now, with shows in Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield and Glasgow. The international tour will also see the action-packed franchise come alive in cities such as Zurich, Stockholm, Paris and Toronto.

Auidences can expect all the same action and excitement from the iconic film series when this stunning live arena tour brings the action to life in ground-breaking ways.

The adrenaline-fuelled two-hour show features precision performance driving, newly created physics-defying stunts, your favourite cars and locations form the movies, vehicular acrobatics and advanced digital projection technology that transports fans straight into an immersive extension of the Fast & Furious movies.

As Ethan and Logan say, “it’s absolutely amazing” and will “blow your mind!”

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