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Minimaster Toby visits BODY WORLDS to find out more

Dr Gunther von Hagens' exhibition of real human bodies celebrates a year in London.

The BODY WORLDS London exhibition is celebrating its first birthday at its permanent home in the heart of the city, bringing Dr Gunther von Hagens’ globally renowned exhibition to more visitors.

The exhibition, launched in 1995, has attracted more than 47 million visitors in over 130 cities worldwide. The aim is to educate the public about the effects of healthy living by showing the inner workings of fit and unhealthy bodies, the potential limits of the body, and raise the question of the meaning of life.

BODY WORLDS contains real human specimens – both in full form and individual organs – to demonstrate the impact of lifestyle and medicine on the human body, from the effect of addiction to technology in action.

To mark the attraction’s first year in the capital, Minimaster Toby visited the Piccadilly Circus location to meet Elle Wilson – the developer of the exhibition’s Junior Doctor programme – to find out more. Watch the full interview above.

BODY WORLDS offers more than books and models can deliver, allowing visitors to get up close with the real world implications of modern living.

Expect a unique, exciting and interactive journey through the human body, described by many as ‘emotional’, ‘extraordinary’ and even ‘life-changing’.

The exhibition is open at London Pavilion, 1 Piccadilly Circus.

Tickets for BODY WORLDS at London Pavilion are available now through Ticketmaster.co.uk.