Gabriels elevate Love Supreme

One week after sharing the Pyramid stage with Elton, Jakob Lusk brings his own fireworks to Love Supreme

Gabriels have well and truly entered the building. After a Glastonbury performance of biblical proportions, the charismatic and magnetic frontman of the internationally assembled trio, Jacob Lusk, is quickly becoming a gospel music superstar in his own right.

Lusk was invited to partake in Elton John’s historic headline performance only a week ago, duetting with the Rocketman on the ever-optimistic Philadelphia soul-inspired ‘Are You Ready For Love?’. Suddenly, after a steady swell of hype around Gabriels, everyone now knows about Jacob and his preternatural ability behind the microphone. 

Which explained why the Second Stage tent at Love Supreme Festival was absolutely crammed on the festival’s first night. That, and the unsummery rain that hailed down – but it’s difficult to believe that Gabriels wouldn’t have pulled in a sizeable crowd at the festival, whatever the weather.

The latter end of their two-part album, Angels & Queens, is set for release soon – with Lusk explaining the decision to split the album based on its dense, dramatic themes. But it’s nothing but sheer elation with Gabriels on Friday night as they opened with their shoulder-shimmying recent single ‘Glory’. It all popped off when ‘Love And Hate In A Different Time’ was dished out mid-set, the once reserved audience screaming along to the chorus with the bravery of a few glasses of wine.

In Jacob Lusk’s first appearance since owning his part of Glastonbury history himself, the flamboyant singer was evidently riding high – dressed to the nines in a crimson cape and robes, his penchant for eye-catching garms running in parallel to his affection for timeless vocals. In that regard, he’s definitely learned a thing or two from Elton.

Gabriels paid tribute to the inimitable Tina Turner with a cover of her 1984 hit, ‘Private Dancer’, before playing another choice crowd-pleaser in Soul II Soul’s ‘Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)’. Everything they seem to touch right now turns to golddust. 

Gabriels play London’s Somerset House Series on July 7, with tickets available here.

Tickets for Love Supreme 2024 will be on sale soon.

Photo credit: Harry Herd / Getty