Dolores Forever dazzle at their first headline show

The duo play a short but stunning set at London’s Omeara

Dolores Forever are thrilled to be here. The duo are fresh off supporting Australian band Spacey Jane on their UK tour, an experience they briefly but excitedly discuss onstage, in-between songs. “If it’s taught me anything,” says Hannah Wilson, “it’s that if you’re thinking of starting a band with your best friend, just do it. It’s so much fun.” Julia Fabrin grins beside her.

Beyond this, it isn’t a chatty set, other than a brief acknowledgement that this is the band’s first headline gig. Instead, the duo churn through all eight singles they’ve currently released (“Don’t embarrass us with an encore – we haven’t got any more songs,” they laugh) along with a handful of new tracks they’re currently experimenting with. The duo have high standards – they know how to write songs that sound good live, and no part of the set feels like filler.

Dolores Forever - Conversations With Strangers

From up-tempo, riff-driven numbers like ‘When I Say So’ and ‘Baby Teeth’ to the acoustic pause of ‘American Spirits’, Hannah and Julia have total command over the stage, the former lost at the mic stand whilst the latter croons over a bright pink guitar. A highlight is the reflective rock ballad ‘Kilimanjaro’, which builds bigger and hits harder than the studio version manages. The two stand shoulder to shoulder on the stage and belt beside each other. Truly equal frontwoman, their live performance is satisfyingly balanced – there isn’t a moment where one voice outshines the other.

Which, of course, is what they set out to achieve: total harmony in the vein of Lucius or First Aid Kit. They manage it beautifully. With voices so complimentary it’s hard to believe they aren’t related, and with a confident, already recognisable sound, it surely won’t be long until catching the duo in intimate venues like the Omeara becomes a far taller order.

Find tickets for Dolores Forever here – including their May gig at Neighbourhood Weekender in Victoria Park, Warrington.