All Time Low welcome their new album with a euphoric Wembley Arena celebration

All Time Low headline a career-defining show to mark the release of Tell Me I’m Alive, and two decades of pop-punk stardom

Two decades into their tenure as kings of modern pop-punk, All Time Low have packed Wembley Arena to the rafters. This is the day that the band’s ninth studio album enters the world, and everyone’s here to party.

For a band that has grown alongside their fanbase and forged a rare connection along the way, All Time Low have built a reputation for their visceral live shows. Though many fans have ditched the studded belts and multi-coloured fringes they likely donned for their first ATL show – their fervent energy still ignites the room.

Striding out onto a stage decorated with tour posters from throughout their career, the colourful ‘PMA’ opens the show as confetti rains down and inflatable beach balls bounce around the whole arena. Barrelling through hits old and new, fan favourite ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ and nostalgic ‘Somewhere In Neverland’ make early appearances, as guitarist Jack Barakat gleefully bounds up and down the 16ft ramp where touring guitarist Dan Swank and drummer Rian Dawson reside. 

Dressed in a crisp red suit, frontman Alex Gaskarth commands the crowd effortlessly. Just before kickstarting a dance party to ‘Lost In Stereo’, he pauses to read a sign aloud: “We met 1,568 days ago because of you, and today they said yes” – a reminder of the community that defines the band. As the crowd jump in unison through classic hits and newer cuts such as ‘Basement Noise’ and ‘Calm Down’, the frontman shamelessly admits he’s lost count of the times he’s gotten choked up whilst looking out at them. 

Drawing the night to a close, Alex steps to the end of the walkway to lead the crowd in an emotive singalong of ‘Therapy’, with phone lights filling the arena. Reflecting on 20 years as a band, and on the fan dedication that sees them still selling out places like this, he’s visibly chocked up. “We get to play to 10,000 people who know the words to the songs we released today, and the songs we released twenty years ago… it means the world to us”.

Uniting the crowd one last time with a mass singalong of ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’, it’s clear All Time Low were made for rooms like this.

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