Watch Death Cab For Cutie debut new song ‘Pepper’ and cover ‘Near Wild Heaven’ by R.E.M.

The band hosted a livestream concert ahead of their upcoming tour and new album

Is it 2020 again? Death Cab fans might remember that during the pandemic Ben Gibbard was no stranger to a livestream concert, hosting regular Live From Home performances from his living room. Well, he’s back at it, and this time he’s brought the entire band along.

This Monday, Death Cab For Cutie sat down in Gibbard’s living room to perform a livestream concert on YouTube. On the set list was a cover of R.E.M.’s ‘Near Wild Heaven’, which Gibbard had previously covered in 2013, and a new song from upcoming album Asphalt Meadows called ‘Pepper’.

“I started Live From Home during the pandemic when I wanted nothing more than to play music with my bandmates,” wrote Gibbard on Instagram. “As we’re now back together, it feels only fitting to have everyone in that little room with me to bring it full circle.”

Watch the livestream below:

Death Cab for Cutie: Live From Home

Asphalt Meadows is out Friday 16 Sept. Get tickets for Death Cab For Cutie’s upcoming 2023 tour here.