The White Lotus theme tune goes viral

The yodelling, off-kilter dance track has become as much of a phenomenon as the dark-comedy itself

The second series of the hit HBO black comedy The White Lotus concluded this week, but its theme tune alone has stirred up a public sensation. The Killers opened their Melbourne show with the track on Tuesday, and it featured in Dominic Fike’s set earlier this month in New York. Attendees of Meredith Music Festival Tweeted clips of the track playing at the event, with effigies of Jennifer Coolidge — who is one of the anthology series’ only recurring characters — also visible in the crowd.

The song, ‘Renaissance (Main Title Theme)’, was created for Mike White’s show by Cristobal Tapia de Veer, and is a dance style remix of the season one theme tune, which the Chilean-Canadian composer also wrote. The track has become the subject of memes across TikTok and Twitter, all based around users defying the ‘Skip Intro’ button.

The White Lotus is an HBO anthology series created by Mike White, loosely connected by the luxury hotel resort chain of its namesake and often taking aim at the super wealthy. Season one was set in Hawaii, premiered in July 2021 while the second series was set in Sicily and first aired in October 2022. The recent instalment featured the likes of Aubrey Plaza, Tom Hollander, Meghann Fahy and Michael Imperioli.

The White Lotus Season 2 | Renaissance (Main Title Theme) - Cristobal Tapia De Veer | WaterTower