The Strokes recorded an album on top of a mountain

The American rockers recorded the project with Rick Rubin in Costa Rica

Rick Rubin went on The Joe Rogan Experience this week to discuss, among other things, a new project he had been working on with the Strokes.

“A few months ago, I was in Costa Rica recording a new album with The Strokes,” Rubin said. “We rented this house on the top of a mountain and set the band up outside. So it’s like, they’re doing a concert for the ocean on the top of a mountain. And we did that every day — it was incredible. They didn’t want to leave, it was like the best experience.”

The Strokes - The Adults Are Talking (Official Video)

The project has not yet been announced, so there is no album title as of yet. Rubin also produced the band’s last record, 2020’s The New Abnormal.