Harry Styles and Bad Bunny dominated Spotify in 2022

2022 is almost over, and the song we've all been streaming the most is...

Spotify Wrapped is back, rewarding your November-long streaming binges designed to rectify those now-embarrassing obsessions from January 2022.

While Tidal, Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited users and fans of physical media (remember that?!) feel either out of the loop or smuggly superior, it’s time for Spotify users to show off their supreme music taste and joke about getting the kids their own account for Christmas.

There’ve been some clear trends and even clearer winners this year, with one man and one song standing out in particular. Yes, the global winner of most streamed song is none other than Harry Styles and the ubiquitous ‘As It Was’.

Hazza wasn’t the only artist to dominate the lists this week, with Bad Bunny popping up twice in the top 5 most-streamed tracks globally and topping the most-streamed artists for the third consecutive year, leading a relatively predictable list of Taylor, Drake, The Weeknd and BTS.

In the UK, a few familiar faces returned to the top 10 including Ed Sheeran and Dave, while Kate Bush’s 1985 classic ‘Running Up That Hill’ nabbed the No.4 spot, thanks to its remarkable rebirth via Stranger Things. Oxford quartet Glass Animals also found worldwide popularity via ‘Heat Waves’, coming second only to the Hazzinator in the global list.

Remember, streaming is great but support your favourite artists by going to a show and buying their records and merch.