Rivers Cuomo invites ‘Buddy Holly’ TikToker to Indie Rock Roadtrip

@dietlite_evan committed to the bit for 990 days and got more than just an awaited duet from the Weezer frontman

Evan Marsalli, a Wisconsin-based musician who for the past 990 days has been uploading videos of himself to TikTok performing the ‘Buddy Holly’ lick in hopes of attracting the attention of Rivers Cuomo has finally achieved his goal – and more.

On 27 February the Weezer frontman uploaded a duet – a feature on the social media app that allows users to interact with other users’ content – that sees him play the riff along with Marsalli, along with an invitation to “Come play this live on Weezer’s Indie Rock Roadtrip this summer”. A caption below read “My people will reach out to your people.”

@rivers_cuomo #duet with @dietlite_evan ♬ original sound – Evan

As seen on his original video, Marsalli, who plays in the band Diet Lite and goes as @dietlite_evan on TikTok, had begun to rethink remaining “Committed to the bit”, having attempted to get Cuomo’s attention for 990 days. This evidently finally persuaded Cuomo to concede, and in gratitude challenged him to join the band on their huge summer North American tour that features the likes of Modest Mouse, Joyce Manor, Spoon and Future Islands.

Weezer - Indie Rock Road Trip

“Well damn. It’s finally come to and [sic] end. Thanks to everyone who’s followed me and supported me along the way,” Marsalli pondered to the sounds of Kool & The Gang’s ‘Summer Madness’ in a post after. “What should I post on here now?”