New Oasis album is released (by robots)

“AISIS”, the AI-generated Oasis cyber project, has even gotten the nod of approval from (real) Liam Gallagher

“We’re bored of waiting for Oasis to reform, so we’ve got an AI-modelled Liam Gallagher to step in”, said singer, songwriter and producer Bobby Geraghty, a man with his own band and a laptop – all that’s now needed to rewrite rock history. 

Breezer was formed with the sole intention of reimaging a “lost” Oasis album (somewhere between 1997’s Be Here Now, and 2000’s Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants) with the help of AI technology. Since we all now live in a horrifying sci-fi nightmare, it was all very easily done by uploading the Oasis back catalogue into a computer, writing some fresh lyrics, and getting the machine to spit out something coherent. Even scarier, the results are actually pretty decent. 

AISIS - The Lost Tapes / Vol.1 (In Style of Oasis / Liam Gallagher - AI Mixtape/Album)

“We’ve brought a band back from the dead!” says Breezer’s drummer, Jon Claire, without even a hint of irony. “And I think that’s something we’ll see a lot more of.”

The album has had almost 70,000 listens since it was uploaded on Friday 14 April, including the only one that matters – the real Liam Gallagher. 

“Not [heard] the album [but] heard a tune,” clarified Gallagher on Twitter. “It’s better than all the other snizzle out there.” Going on to call the project “mad as f*ck”, he also thought the robot version of himself sounded “mega”. 

Oasis have been teasing and refuting rumours of a reunion for years now, with Noel recently telling France Inter that Liam should “get his people” to call and set something up. “He’s got my number, he’s got my manager’s number. Call us. But you know what? He won’t call.”

Responding on Twitter, Liam called Noel a “little fella” and a “potato”, accusing him of damaging the Oasis brand. “He’s got a lot of making up to do,” he wrote. “not just to me but to you the fans”. 

Maybe now that AISIS exists, Liam and Noel can use the ABBA Voyage technology to sort a reunion without even having to be in the same room? 

Photo credit: JMEnternational / Getty