Locked up playlist: for the man who got trapped in Waterstones

Last night, American tourist David Willis managed to get trapped inside Waterstones book shop on Trafalgar Square.

According to the full story in The Independent, the Texan tourist was still searching the shelves for books on the second floor unbeknownst to staff who continued to close up for the night downstairs.

After 15 minutes Willis realised that he was trapped and, after an hour had passed, took to Instagram to explain his plight, posting this picture of the locked doors saying “supposedly someone is on their way.”


At 11pm, after spending two hours locked inside the shop, Willis eventually tweeted to the official Waterstones account in a desperate plea to be released.

tweet 2

Finally, Willis was rescued by the Metropolitan Police at 11.20pm and Waterstones tweeted their relief at his escape.

tweet 3

In honour of Willis’ experience, we’ve put together a locked in playlist of trapped tracks, you know, just in case he gets stuck anywhere again. Listen below and let us know if we’ve missed any.

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