Kanye West says his back catalogue is up for sale without his consent

"Just like Taylor Swift, my publishing is being put up for sale without my knowledge"

Kanye West is claiming that the rights to his publishing catalogue are “being put up for sale” without his prior knowledge or approval.

It had previously been reported by Billboard that West’s team was shopping around for offers from prospective buyers, but the rapper now says that he was unaware of these plans. It had been said that he had been exploring “what kind of valuation” his work could sell for.

According to previous reports, West seemingly had a figure in mind that was nearly 35 times that of the annual revenue for his work, which is around £4.4million.

Kanye West - Come to Life (Official Video)

Taking to social media overnight, West denied these reports claiming that his work was “not for sale” and even compared himself to his longtime rival Taylor Swift. “Just like Taylor Swift, my publishing is being put up for sale without my knowledge,” Kanye wrote.

The rights to his work currently belong to Sony Music Publishing but they have reportedly halted efforts to “test the market” which could indicate that a buyer has been found or that they have failed to secure any interested buyers.

However, West went on to share screenshots of a text exchange about the reported sale. “Fake news,” the person responded. “Of course every publisher wants to pitch [their] hardest to buy.”