Jay-Z has invested in a robotic pizza truck

His venture capital firm has just put $16.5 million into the project

Stellar Pizza, a new enterprise from former SpaceX engineers, just received $16.5 million in funding from Jay-Z’s venture capital firm, Marcy Venture Partners. Jay-Z cofounded the firm in 2016 alongside Jay Brown and Larry Marcus and Stellar Pizza is just the latest in a string of investments that the firm has made – although it’s for sure one of their most interesting.

The food truck designed by Stellar Pizza uses a mobile app, through which customers can place their order. The truck then makes the pizza in five minutes, and has the capacity to repeat the process 420 times before needing restocking. Although the cooking process is fully automated, the truck does require a human employee to cut and box the pizza. Stellar Pizza are set to debut their first truck at the University of California.

Former SpaceX Rocket Scientist Now Makes High-Tech Pizza

“Ultimately, for me, it’s about solving problems wherever they are – solving problems here on Earth,” says CEO Benson Tsai. “Affordable access to high-quality fresh foods is not something that is readily available for everyone.”