Jack White confirms plans to release lost Prince album entitled Camille

Third Man Records will “re-edit” the record as Prince “originally planned”

Earlier this year, Jack White’s Third Man Records secured the rights to release Prince’s ‘lost’ 1986 record, Camille. The eight-track album was named after Prince’s feminine alter ego and featured pitched-up vocals to make the singer sound like a woman. The project was scrapped a few weeks before release, with all eight tracks being released on other projects over the next few years. Now White plans to “re-edit” the album and release it its originally intended form.

“We are able to re-edit it as it was originally planned,” he told the Daily Star. “So that is great news.”

He continued: “It’s very difficult to confirm, because Prince himself changed his mind about Camille when he was about to release it.

“[But] I don’t think [releasing] it goes against his will, because he ended up issuing many of the songs on different recordings over the years. It’s not like he didn’t want them to see the light of day.”

The Prince estate seems to agree, having signed off on the release back in April according to Third Man’s co-founder Ben Blackwell.

“We’re finally going to put it out,” Blackwell said at the time. “Prince’s people agreed – almost too easy.”