International Women’s Day: 13 must-see events for 2022

From industry-shaping artists like Diana Ross to new female-focused shows such as The Guilty Feminist, here’s our round-up of the events you won’t want to miss

The Guilty Feminist

The wildly popular podcast will be touring the UK this spring and summer. Deborah Frances-White’s feminist comedy show brings together a diverse panel of comics, musicians and experts to discuss all manner of topics, from feminist porn and the refugee crisis to ‘bolshiness’ and what it means to be a hag.

France’s-White’s feminism is consistently intersectional, inquiring and self-critical. Her famous introductory segment sees hosts taking it in turns to finish the phrase ‘I’m a feminist, but…’ with self-deprecating one-liners, a warm reminder that we’re all hypocrites in the end. Part of the magic of The Guilty Feminist is its comradery, which is best felt when Frances-White records the show in front of a live audience. Her 2022 tour gives fans all over the country the chance to be a part of it.

Diana Ross

The barrier-breaking success of Diana Ross is undisputable. Renowned as one of the greatest recording artists of all time, her accolades include a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She was even awarded a Guiness World Record for being “the most successful female music artist in history”. It doesn’t get more definitive than that.

She’s been ‘the first woman ever to…’ so many times that it would be impractical to list them all. Her legacy extends not just to her own beloved catalogue but can be felt in the music of many legends that came after her – Beyonce, Madonna and Michael Jackson to name just a few. Now, following the release of her 25th (!) album, Ross is heading out on her Thank You tour which comes to the UK this summer.

Christina Aguilera

Xtina has been putting out empowering anthems since the 00s. One of the most successful female musicians and Latin artists of the last few decades, she topped the charts nearly two decades ago with singles ‘Beautiful’, ‘Fighter’ and ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’, songs that promoted self-love and self-advocation whilst criticising gender disparity.

Throughout her career, Aguilera has continued to write on topics pertinent to her experience as a woman, picking up five Grammy awards along the way. She’s also used her platform to speak out on a number of social and political issues and has been a particularly passionate advocate for victims of domestic violence. In August, Aguilera heads to the UK to play huge shows in three major cities.

& Juliet

One of the more recent additions to the West End, & Juliet may not be the most nuanced piece of feminist theatre, but it’s certainly a wholehearted celebration of the female perspective. The glittery production is a joyful, enthusiastic reimagining of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy that asks what might have happened if Juliet had been given the opportunity for a sequel.

Set to the music of Max Martin (who is responsible for an absurd amount of chart-toppers), & Juliet is one for those who like to watch a female lead absolutely thrive.

Baby Queen

It’s been a fast ascent for Arabella Latham, who only released her first single under the name Baby Queen in 2020 and is now set to open for Olivia Rodrigo this summer.

The South African native moved to London to pursue music at eighteen, and since then has become known for her raw and brutally honest style of songwriting. It’s this honesty that has endeared her to her audience – Latham writes openly about the toxic effects of adolescent female-targeted media in ‘Narcissist’, about queer female attraction in ‘Raw Thoughts’ and her experience on antidepressants in ‘Medicine’. She’s upfront about the issues her generation is facing, but it’s her ability to wrap these issues in sardonic lyrics and upbeat hooks that makes her one of the most exciting new female voices in pop.

Little Mix

Considered by many to be the greatest girl group of the 2010s, Little Mix have put empowerment and self-appreciation at the center of their music since their very first release. Both within and outside of their discography, each member of the group has been vocal on topics such as body positivity, women’s rights, and the impact of online harassment. Role models to a generation of young girls, Little Mix were the first female group to win Best British Group at the BRIT Awards, the first to spend 100 combined weeks in the top ten of the UK Singles Chart, and the first to reach many other milestones throughout their decade-long career.

This April and May, Little Mix are set to tour the UK ahead of their upcoming hiatus. It could be our last opportunity to see the group onstage together for a long while, and if history is any indication, they’ll put on a fantastic show.

Rachel Parris

In early 2018, after workplaces across the world had been forced to adapt their sexual harassment policies in the wake of #MeToo, Rachel Parris went viral.

Mocking those who felt that these new policies infringed on their freedoms, she gave the tongue-in-cheek seminar ‘How NOT to sexually harass someone’ on BBC2 show The Mash Report, a sketch that has been shared widely across social media platforms. This wasn’t unusual material for Parris, whose comedy has often centered around the female experience. A regular feature on shows such as Mock the Week and The Guilty Feminist, Parris hides slick social commentary under a cheerful demeanor and patronising smile. She’s also just very, very funny.

The Drifters Girl

International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate not just the women who made a name for themselves but the women who worked behind the scenes to ensure the success of others.

The story of the world’s first African American female music manager is told in this new production, set to the soundtrack of The Drifters’ popular hits. Beverly Knight stars as Faye Treadwell, the tenacious and passionate champion of vocal group The Drifters. The show aims not just to tell Treadwell’s story, but to offer her some of the same acclaim that she secured for the group she loved.


Young as she is, reggae artist Koffee is spurred by a desire to bring positive change to the world. The socially-conscious musician is already seeing great success, and even has a record-breaking Grammy win under her belt – her EP Rapture made her the first woman to receive the award for Best Reggae Album. Her debut album Gifted is set to arrive later this month, and we’re hoping that a tour is soon to follow.

Billie Eilish

Since she appeared on the scene in 2015 with Ocean Eyes, Billie Eilish’s success has been staggering. Among her many awards are seven Grammys, including one in each of the four major categories – Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year. A sensation amongst Gen Z, Eilish is known for her frankness, especially in regard to her mental health, something that she has discussed at length over the years.

Eilish’s decision to wear largely oversized, shapeless clothes not only set her apart from other teen popstars, but also opened up important conversations about the relentless examination of women’s bodies in the music industry. In her latest album, Happier Than Ever, she is critical of men who benefit from power imbalances in relationships with young women, and encourages her audience to advocate for themselves.


An absolute giant of a show, Wicked is in its 16th year on the West End and shows no signs of slowing down. The appeal isn’t just in the music (although it is, frankly, fabulous) or the extravagant set, but in the complexity of the female leads. The relationship between Glinda and Elphaba is truly the heart of the show, and the choices that lead them down their different paths show them both to be multifaceted and self-governing. There’s nothing straightforward about either of them – which is why they’ve captivated audiences for as long as they have.


Is there an act out there that embodies female empowerment better than TLC? The best-selling American girl group of all time has influenced just about every female group that came after, with songs that criticized evasive beauty standards and disrespectful men, and encouraged women to pursue what they knew they were worth.

With four Grammys and an MOBO award for Outstanding Contribution to Music, TLC are among the most successful acts of the last three decades. They’ll be touring the UK in summer 2022 with some of their most popular hits.

TINA – The Tina Turner Musical

Twelve-time Grammy winner Tina Turner is immortalised in this triumphant production that celebrates her life and legacy. With a soundtrack made up of her greatest hits, TINA – The Tina Turner Musical ­tells the story of one of the most significant songstresses in music history.

Turner paved the way for countless female artists, opening up doors to magazine covers and lucrative tours, pushing back on the previously short ‘shelf-life’ of female careers in music, and setting records in every area of her career. There’s never been a better time to learn about the rock and roll icon.