Help Unicef keep Syria children safe and warm when you buy tickets this Christmas

You can now help Unicef keep Syrian children safe and warm this Christmas, simply by donating when you purchase tickets. Your donation will then be doubled by the UK government.

There are several ways to help protect more Syrian Children from danger this winter; simply check the box to donate to Unicef when buying tickets or you can donate directly to Unicef at–Ob7q1JoK4

“The five-year conflict in Syria is the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War 2,” explains the children’s charity. “Syria’s children have lost loved ones, homes and schools. Millions have been forced to flee, while the children still in Syria face daily danger from war as well as the threat of disease and hunger. Now the children face a new threat – a freezing winter.

“More than 8 million Syrian children are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. Their lives have been turned upside down. Many refugee children are living in makeshift shelters without adequate clothing or protection from the cold, leaving them at risk of hypothermia, pneumonia and other deadly diseases. Malnutrition, especially for the youngest and most vulnerable children, is a real threat.

“Many displaced families were forced to flee Syria with just the clothes on their backs. They don’t have the protection to withstand the freezing winter.

“Unicef is one of the few organisations working for children in Syria as well as the wider region. We are providing life-saving food, water, vaccines and winter clothing. Your donation can help us keep children safe and warm.”

Donate directly to Unicef or remember to check the donation box when you buy tickets this Christmas.