Ed Sheeran convinced Lewis Capaldi to buy a £1.6 million “hell hole” and a bag of frogs

Capaldi regrets buying a castle recommended to him by Sheeran without even going to see it

Lewis Capaldi has been doing the interview rounds in the US and has used the opportunity to rant about the costly property mistake that fellow platinum-selling artist Ed Sheeran talked him into making.

“Ed Sheeran told me to buy this house and it’s an absolute hell hole,” he said. “We were talking during lockdown about how I wanted to move out of my parents’ house and he went online and looked at this place and it looked great. From the outside it is beautiful, there’s sprawling hills, there’s a lake.

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“He didn’t realise that it would smell of cigarette smoke and dog. I moved in and I hated the decor, I hated everything about it. I did go and see it but I was too eager. I was like, ‘that smell of dog and smoke will go away after a while,’ but it didn’t. We have ripped that place out and it still reeks of dog and smoke. I have made some bad decisions over the last two years and that was one of them.”

Capaldi expanded on the story when he stopped by SiriusXM, adding that his dad discovered a bag of live frogs in the cupboard of his new home. “I don’t know what they were doing with the frogs or how long they had been there, but they were distressed, as you can imagine. You’re already a frog. For your life to get worse, you have to go to some pretty great lengths.”

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He confirmed that he plans to go ahead with an extension to the property, but also that the property would be undergoing a more complete overhaul. “I am redoing the house. Ed Sheeran should technically reimburse me for the money I’m having to pay on this. Ed is a property tycoon but he’s never bought a place in Scotland obviously because mine is awful.”

Capaldi is now living in a flat in London whilst he waits for the renovations to be finished.