Discover Tickets Through Snapchat

Introducing Ticketmatcher by Ticketmaster, a whole new way to discover live events

 Want to find out if your favourite artist is coming to town soon and make plans with friends?  Your search just got a whole lot easier thanks to our partnership with Snapchat. 

You can now browse and find tickets to events via ‘Ticketmatcher’ Mini where you’ll be matched with upcoming shows based on your city and favorite music genres. You can browse events by swiping left or right, saving what you like and inviting friends to the show by sending a Snap or a chat. 

Ticketmatcher by Ticketmaster

You can also open the Snap Map and find upcoming events nearby through Snapchat’s first-ever partnered Map Layer – in cities around the country and globe.

We’re excited to pair the power of live music with Snapchat to offer you a whole new way to connect with your friends through one of a kind live entertainment experiences.

Don’t miss your chance to share your experiences with your friends on Snap, because live only happens once.

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