Broken Social Scene are joined onstage by Meryl Streep and Tracy Ullman

The Canadian indie group have had some unexpected guests on their You Forgot It In People 20th anniversary tour

Broken Social Scene have been celebrating 20 years since the release of their classic album You Forgot It In People with an anniversary tour, and on Sunday night some big names turned up to celebrate with them. During the penultimate song of the show, ‘Anthems’ actresses Meryl Streep and Tracy Ullman entered at the side of the stage to join in.

Ullman had reportedly been invited to the show by bandmember Kevin Drew, who praised her for “pushing boundaries. Doing so much shit for all those years. Helping out people.” Streep tagged along, and Ullman was able to convince her to walk out onstage. Watch below:

Broken Social Scene with Tracey Ullman and Meryl Streep