AC/DC have inspired a children’s alphabet book

The AC/DC AB/CD High-Voltage Alphabet is set to be released on November 11

If you’d like your kids to learn to read and gain appreciation for landmark Australian rock, then boy do we have the product for you. Or rather the good people at Love Police do, with their new title The AC/DC AB/CD High-Voltage Alphabet hitting shelves next month.

Designed and produced by Paul McNeil, the book contains such gems as: “C is for Cliff [Williams], who plays on the bass, likes only 4 notes and has a nice face.” Literature.

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Love Police are an Australian merch company, touring agency and record label who have somewhat cornered the niche market of novelty music-themed children’s alphabet books. Previous releases include M Is For Metal, Never Mind Your Ps and Qs: Here’s The Punk Alphabet and ABC and W: The Country And Western Alphabet Book.

“Yeah, it’s a kids book,” admitted Love Police founder Brian Taranto, “but any AC/DC or music fan will find something on every page. (McNeil) has done a sweet and rockin’ job. We are looking forward to educating another generation of rock and rollers!”

The AC/DC AB/CD High-Voltage Alphabet will be available to purchase from November 11.