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New Music: Jahmed

Meet the California rapper expertly welding West Coast performance with a hip-hop engine from the south.

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Jahmed is a 24-year-old hip hop artist who has just arrived on the scene with a super-charged debut project.

THEBOOFMOBILE is the title of the 13-minute record named after his first car. This effort, combined with a high-quality pair of singles dropped earlier in the year mean there’s not a huge amount of songs to delve into, but what the exciting prospect has delivered so far is top-notch.

JAHMED - JEEP (Official Video)

Listening to THEBOOFMOBILE feels like a hit and run; it all happens so fast. JEEP is a highlight and is also the longest song on the album at 2:43. There’s quick-fire bars and slick, polished production; it’s to the point, in your face and is an excellent example of a Jahmed track. Similar to a Vince Staples song, what could be vibed to as a party anthem actually contains dark undertones conveying the harsh realities of life in the inner-city.

There’s a lot to unpack in each verse but Jahmed doesn’t allow time for that – luring your attention elsewhere with a catchy hook or ear-worm vocal inflection.

His sound is packaged together with impeccable contemporary trap production – everything from the impossibly underground, subterranean bass to the malevolent melodies providing a sense of impending doom.

REDLIGHT is a banger check it out below:

JAHMED - "REDLIGHT" (Official Audio)

Jahmed calls Inland Empire (The IE) in Southern California his home, although he also spent three years residing in Texas. Living in the south appears to have influenced his rapping stylistically. At times there’s flows reminiscent of Three 6 Mafia as well as ad-libs similar to Megan Thee Stallion. Jahmed’s ferocious delivery and ability to manipulate the English language through slang and altering syllables is more West Coast flavoured. Combining this with his subtle vocal pitch changes results in a uniquely engaging cadence.

Jahmed cites his mother’s hip hop fandom and his older brother’s production skills as the two main reasons he became a recording artist. Already championed by The Fader, MTV, Pigeons & Planes, Zane Lowe, Sway and more, it’s clear Jahmed is one to watch. Don’t miss him when he comes to the UK.

More essential Jahmed tracks


JAHMED - "FIAT" (Official Video)


JAHMED - "ARCHIVE" (Official Video)

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