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New Music: Millie Turner

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Underwater, the track which arguably first got Millie Turner noticed, reflects the truth of youth in today’s society. Written in direct response to Donald Trump’s electoral victory across the pond, it simultaneously embodies the desire to explore; that there is more to the world than the contemporary confining politics. The song also opens Turner’s debut EP, Eyes On You, a record which brilliantly showcases her blend of electronic sounds (thank to producer and friend Dave) and her lofty vocal delivery.

Millie Turner - Underwater


The record’s title track is distinctly soulful, while the Hackney (London) raised artist delves in and out of her minimalism and outright euphoria throughout the remaining tracks. Escapism runs throughout Millie’s sound, continued on follow-up singles She Was A Dancer and Night Running, which effortlessly capture the freedom of travel and bring up vivid images of beach sunsets and late night parties. All sit against a genuine grasp of reality.

Raised by artists in East London, creativity runs in her veins. It was perhaps inevitable that music would prove to be her medium of choice, inspired by her parents, her friends and her increasingly turbulent surroundings. Her art form was forged in a community church, one that embraced more contemporary performance, ultimately spilling into all aspects of Turner’s life.

Her live show is an open and personal experience. Millie embraces her audience, bringing them into her world. Taking to a London stage earlier this year, Turner offered insight into the creative process and the meaning behind the music. Her fanbase, notably enthusiastic and celebratory of their friends’ success, brought with them a infectious energy. Stood on the stage, Millie brimmed with confidence. Now, still early into her career, there’s a unmistakable promise in both Millie Turner’s distinctive sound, articulate songwriting, and exuberant delivery.

Essential Tracks

Night Running is a true escapist gem, perfect for a nighttime beach party.

Millie Turner - Night Running


She Was A Dancer is led by its prominent drum beat, presenting Millie at her most minimalist.

Millie Turner - She Was A Dancer

Eyes On You replaces the electronic grandeur of Millie Turner’s other material for a soulful vocal performance.

Millie Turner - Eyes On You

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