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New Music: Gus Dapperton

Meet the rising atypical New York State raised indie-pop star.

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It’s a matter of style and substance for New York State raised singer, songwriter and producer Gus Dapperton. Since building a following on SoundCloud and YouTube in 2015, his atypical synth-laden indie-pop continues to accompany similarly unique visuals. With new track My Favourite Fish launching his forthcoming debut album Where Polly People Go To Read – due on 19 April 2019 through AWAL Recordings – it is last year’s gloriously meta video for World Class Cinema that lays bare his love for the cinematic. In it Dapperton proclaims his dissatisfaction for music, dancing through a film set before it all turns to David Lynch as lighting falls from the sky. Musically, the track pairs his distinctively strained vocals with the ethereal escapism evident on screen.

Gus Dapperton - World Class Cinema


Now in his early twenties, Dapperton has already made waves with the unveiling of the viral I’m Just Snacking in 2017, which went on to be featured on his debut EP Yellow and Such the same year. His love of the screen has already gone full circle, last year penning a track for Netflix’s hit drama 13 Reasons Why during the same twelve months that saw him drop his sophomore EP You Think You’re A Comic!. Led by the equally popular Prune, You Talk Funny, the four track collection carries his mesmerising marriage of retrospection and modernity.

It all forms part of Dapperton’s aesthetic. Often donning oversized shirts, and recently losing his signature bowl cut in favour of bleach blonde hair, he wears the love of the ’90s quite literally on his sleeves. Yet his sound is remarkably new; synths deliberately overpower the subtle melodies, with Dapperton’s vocals gliding amongst the many layers. He takes much of what is celebrated about the musical past, and injects a healthy dose of individual style.

“Just stick to music”, Gus is implored after being found on the floor during the video for World Class Cinema. Yet with his artistic flare and penchant for experimentation, anything feels possible in the world of Gus Dapperton.

More Essential Tracks

The synth-heavy vibes of My Favourite Fish launch Gus’ debut album – Where Polly People Go To Read – due for release on the 19 April 2019.

Gus Dapperton - My Favorite Fish (Audio)


Breakthrough I’m Just Snacking is sultry, smooth and just the right amount of despondent.

Gus Dapperton - I'm Just Snacking


The unusual titled Prunce, You Talk Funny showcases Dapperton’s endearing quirks.

Gus Dapperton - Prune, You Talk Funny

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