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New Music: girl in red

Meet the rising Norwegian star discussing mental health and sexuality.

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girl in red, the bedroom-pop project by Norway’s Marie Ulven, broke through with last year’s girls, an open discussion about sexuality that has encouraged a number of fans to accept and celebrate their own feelings. It’s testament to Ulven’s ability to connect through her music, a constant in her subsequent releases. Her most recent single – dead girl in the pool – explores social anxiety, a kind of sequel to summer depression‘s isolation. Across all, girl in red balances this openness, both the gritty realities and celebration of life, with an infectious dream-pop sound as ominous as it is sun-soaked.

girl in red - dead girl in the pool.


girls closed Ulven’s debut EP chapter 1, the follow-up for which is expected to drop later this year. The success of the release has seen her take to the United States and more, where she was met with a number of personal stories from affected fans. Most recently, girl in red performed an acclaimed showcase at Brighton’s new music showcase, The Great Escape. Her live shows, for which she is joined by her band, jump between the chilled beauty of watch you sleep, the escapist we fell in love in october and her contradictorily upbeat recent single. All are delivered with a notable charm which serves to intensify Ulven’s connection with her fans.

Wearing her sexuality with pride and openly discussing the mental health struggles that many face, girl in red has formed a connection far removed from the isolated bedroom production of her early days. By simply being herself, Ulven continues to offer hope and understanding to fans across the globe. Come her new live dates, the release of chapter 2, and a possible debut full-length in 2020, girl in red looks set to offer the same to many more in the near future.

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girl in red - girls


watch you sleep



we feel in love in october

girl in red - we fell in love in october

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