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New for 2018: Yxng Bane

Introducing the East London rapper.

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We’ve been scouring the live circuit to find the next big thing for our New For 2018 picks, presenting the eight most exciting breakthrough artists.

At Wireless Festival 2017, Nigerian singer WizKid welcomed East London’s Yxng Bane onto the main stage; a moment the emerging young rapper has since declared an early career highlight. Yxng Bane treated fans to his track Fine Wine to the delight of the crowd.

Yxng Bane ft Kojo Funds - Fine Wine [Music Video] @YxngBane @KojoFunds | Link Up TV


It’s a milestone in a year that has seen Yxng Bane rapidly propel towards mainstream stardom. His dedication to strong women (not least the song’s muse) Rihanna broke into the top 40 on the UK Official Singles Chart, while his collaboration with Yungen broke him into the top 10.

2017 has been a remarkably successful year for Yxng Bane, spearheaded by a remix of Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You that was picked up by the global superstar. It led to Sheeran and Bane meeting in person, and further expanded the rapper’s reach.

Ed Sheeran | Shape Of You (YXNG BANE REMIX) [Music Video]: SBTV


As 2018 approaches, Yxng Bane is taking each day as it comes. Rounding off an unpredictable year that saw him dive headfirst into the charts, make a name for himself on the live circuit, and collaborate both live and in the studio with huge global names, things are looking more than bright come the new year.

Yxng Bane - Rihanna (Official Music Video)

Were you surprised by the success of tracks like Rihanna?

Oh wow. Yes! Especially as it wasn’t actually intended as a single per say. We just put it out off of the back of Diamonds to keep the fans’ appetite satisfied. And plus it’s actually a slow jam or our version of a ballad which aren’t really usually successful at radio. So yeah, I’m over the moon with it even charting, let alone being top 40. The the video has 11 million views now and counting and Rihanna also used it on her Fenty page – her official make-up page. It’s a blessing.

Who inspired you to take up music?

Growing up I had a lot of musical inspiration but it was never like ‘I want to do music or anything for real’. I always toyed with the idea but It was more like ‘I like his style’ or ‘I think he’s wavy’. I was more of a fan than anything to be honest. Me actually believing I could make a real career from making music came when my manager G FrSH and I put out the Shape of You remix. Seeing the result of that and the reaction was when I decided ok cool, I can really do this for a living and not just for fun.

How are you feeling about your headline tour in March 2018?

I’m excited! It’s an opportunity to bring everyone together, all Baney’s angels and the whole Wolf Gang’s are going to turn up in one location. Whether its Manchester, Birmingham or London. There’s going to be people from all over the place just coming to have fun and celebrate the music, so I’m really looking forward to that, its going to be crazy. I want to make every single night a night to remember and every night the best it can be! Plus the fact it sold out in minutes is always a good place to start.

What’s your favourite thing about performing?

The exchange of energy between myself and the crowd is the best feeling. Especially at headline shows where we travel through different emotions or the club shows where you’re just giving people a a hyped night to remember. But most of all it’s probably the overwhelming feeling of people appreciating your music in front of your eyes.

How would you describe your sound in one sentence?

Organic, authentic and diverse.

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