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New for 2018: IAMDDB

Introducing Manchester’s emerging modern soul star.

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We’ve been scouring the live circuit to find the next big thing for our New For 2018 picks, presenting the eight most exciting breakthrough artists.

Manchester export IAMDDB is simultaneously looking forward and back. She’s driving jazz and soul in a modern era, paying homage to all that has come before. On her biggest track to date, Shade, she blends trap with an old-school authenticity that’s impossible to replicate.


Other tracks such as Pause and More, taken from her 2017 releases Vibe, Volume 2 and Hoodrich Vol. 3 respectively, push her soul vibes further to the forefront. All are products of a busy year that have seen IAMDDB release more than a traditional album’s worth of tracks.

Surrounded by music as a child, IAMDDB has been honing her craft throughout her lifetime, writing seriously since 2015. She adopted her IAMDDB moniker after six months in Africa expanding her jazz fuelled sound.

IAMDDB - More (Official Video)


Her live shows compass both her hip-hop attitude and her soulful tones. She switches from all-out party to an intimate café vibe. It’s mirrored in her largely DIY videos.

2018 promises many more opportunities to catch her self-described urban jazz live.

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