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New Music: PENGSHUi

Meet the British trio delivering an energetic blend of grime and punk.

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“Grime is the new punk.” So says Illaman, vocalist and one-third of the crossover trio PENGSHUi. “Grime and punk are both made up of people with something to say politically and personally, who’ve got this DIY spirit and desire to f**k s**t up.”

Completed by bassist and producer Fatty, and drummer Pravvy Prav, PENGSHUi dropped their brutally energetic debut full-length earlier this year, blending the two musical worlds with expert ease. Building on the foundations laid by Pendulum and Enter Shikari before them, they merge their combined grime heritage with crushing guitars and unabated electronics. Their unique style has attracted praise from Boy Better Know pioneer JME, and sees grime superstar Footsie join them for the ferocious Wiseman.

It’s testament to their respect for their musical heritage – each of the trio bringing their personalised element to the PENGSHUi melting pot. Between them they have worked as session musicians for grime mainstays P Money and the Footsie-featuring Newham Generals, as well as the ever-eclectic singer and songwriter Jorja Smith and UK jungle forefather Goldie. These influences have cemented an unfiltered mix of grassroots sounds underpinned by a relentless energy and the unmistakable spirit of punk.

PENGSHUi x Footsie - Wiseman (Official Video)

PENGSHUi formed on a mutual ambition to break musical boundaries. Raised in Dubai, Prav was introduced to classic rock from an early age, taking on DJ duties at the age of seventeen and jumping between death metal and drum ‘n’ bass. Fatty moved to Leeds from his Blackpool hometown, learning to play the jazz guitar before forming Submotion Orchestra. Growing up on a London council estate with Jamaican heritage, Illman found belonging both there and in the burgeoning skater scene.

PENGSHUi marks a combination of their respective backgrounds. A vibrant, high-tempo cacophony, their sound adds a backdrop to socially charged lyrics – tackling identity, stress, anxiety and depression. Each is delivered with an infectiously cocksure attitude – one that has taken the trio to stages at the likes of Download Festival and 2000 Trees. Fittingly – both live and on record – PENGSHUi aren’t pulling any punches.

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PENGSHUi - No Joke (Official Video)

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PENGSHUi - Leave It (Official Video)


PENGSHUi - CONTROL (Official Video)

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