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New Music: BILK

Meet the ferocious, socially conscious Essex indie-rockers raised on hip-hip and punk.

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Drawing inspiration from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Jam and Eminem – none of which they actually sound like – BILK began life as the solo brainchild of now-frontman Sol Abrahams. Spurred on by the lack of activity in their respective hometowns, Sol met bassist Luke Hare and drummer Harry Gray on social media. Dissatisfied with education and bored of their Essex (UK) surroundings, the trio threw themselves into music to counteract their day-to-day frustrations. Latest single CM2, a ferocious punk-inspired indie-rock anthem, lays their cards on the table. “There’s nothing to do,” Sol Abrahams spits, “living in CM2” – in reference to their Chelmsford postcode.

CM2 marks the band’s first single of 2019, and follows a string of four track releases the previous year. Between them they portray BILK’s socially charged lyricism, laid over rap vocals and perfectly unpolished guitars. Each drive the songs at a dizzying pace, none of the instruments falling behind the other. Spiked channels Jamie T at his most urgent; Next Weekend continues the ennui of their limited surroundings, pairing the disinterested lyrics with vigorous guitars; while Slob takes on society’s attitude towards disenchanted youth.

“Don’t want to fall away to the everyday, to the nothing,” Abrahams asserts on Give Up, “I want to be something, I can’t give up.” Taking their own mantra to heart, the trio fill their sound with a liberating passion, actively challenging negative perceptions of those rejecting education in favour of unconventional skill. With this genuine heart and fire under their feet, BILK are delivering the sound of a jilted generation.

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