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Album of the Week: Vukovi – Fall Better

The pop-punk outfit return with their sophomore effort, Fall Better.

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Scottish pop-punk group Vukovi return with their follow-up to 2017’s acclaimed self-titled debut.

Their second effort, Fall Better, arrives via their own label, VKVI, and marks a revamp for the Scottish duo.

With a noticeably paired-back sound, the outfit – who formed in 2010 – have downsized into a two-piece, with vocalist Janine Shilstone and guitarist Hamish Reilly offering up an experimental mix of bubblegum pop and hard punk-rock.

The end result explores themes of angst, isolation, and – bluntly – what it’s like to be weird, before shifting into the positive ways the band attempt to make their fans feel less alone – that how it’s ok to be yourself.

While much of their sound is heavier and scuzzy, hard-hitting riffs are aplenty, the combination of genre-bending instrumentals, silky synths, pummelling drums and sultry vocals make Fall Better feel more polished than their debut. Frontwoman Janine Shilstone has stated that the album feels like their therapy, evident through on their more experimental tracks flipping between gritty vocals and explosive chords, or emotive cries (in I’m Sorry) and heartfelt melodies.

VUKOVI - All That Candy

Vukovi’s pop-rock edge can be heard on catchy first single C.L.A.U.D.I.A. and Aura nods to their punk roots.

Experimental synths are heavy across 17359, while the gloomy alt-pop of Violent Minds steps up the ante and All That Candy turns the focus to overlayed vocal harmonies.

The industrial vibe of album’s closer Run/Hide rounds what is an incredibly strong second album, an expansive genre-inclusive experiment that makes for an exciting listen.

See them on tour next week in Glasgow and Birmingham [Find tickets] .

1. 17359
2. Violent Minds
3. Aura
4. C.L.A.U.D.I.A
5. Behave
6. Play With Me Cos I Can Take It
7. Verify Your Worth
8. All That Candy
9. I’m Sorry
10. Where Are You
11. White Lies
12.Run / Hide

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