Troye Sivan celebrates inclusivity at London show

The pop star brings a stadium ready production to the Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith.

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Flanked by a dazzling light show, Troye Sivan takes to the stage at London’s Eventim Apollo among a sea of deafening screams.

The show forms part of Sivan’s Bloom tour, celebrating the release of last year’s critically acclaimed record of the same name; one which rightfully found itself on a number of album of the year lists at the end of 2018.

The follow-up to 2015’s Blue Neigbourhood debut, Bloom continues to mark a leap forward for the rapidly rising Australian star. In sound, tracks such as the dancefloor-filling My! My! My! sit against the immeasurably personal Seventeen and the introspective The Good Side.

Troye Sivan - My My My!


In theme, Sivan continues not just his self-acceptance, but his self-celebration. As a strong LGBT+ voice in music, his music never shies away from expressing the experiences of his community. In a live setting, Troye Sivan amplifies this even further.

Were the glitter covered faces and rainbow flags not enough to cement his air of self-expressionism, Sivan’s open and often frank conversation with his fans from the stage is nothing short of liberating. In a particularly poignant moment, he speaks of his coming out experience before gliding into Heaven, a song which portrays the all-too-real journey from self-hatred to love.

He clearly resonates with the doting audience. The reaction is palpable, as Sivan himself is more than once disarmed by the crowd’s love. At one moment he faces the audiences and notes that few will believe him when he says that tonight is one of the best of his life.

Troye Sivan - Dance To This ft. Ariana Grande (Official Video)


His vital message is built on a vibrant pop sound, and a musical prowess that easily places him among the best in pop. Troye Sivan’s confidence is infectious; his command of the stage is effortless.

The production pulsing around him rivals that of stadium heavy hitters. Even the appearances of a sofa is far from cliched, instead building the intimacy his fans crave.

But where Troye Sivan shines brightest is in his own vocal ability. As he bounds around the stage, his voice remains steadily perfect. From the rave infused closing moments of My! My! My! to the sultry beats of Bite, the overt pop of Charli XCX feature 1999 and the dance-pop of recent single I’m So Tired, to the softer edge of The Good Side and Animal, he remains faultless.

Pulled together in a genuinely inclusive atmosphere – a celebratory safe space – Troye Sivan emerges as a pop pioneer with his sights firmly set on huge stages to come.

Troye Sivan has just finished his UK tour, but keep an eye on to know when he’s back on our shores.