Tour diary: Moose Blood share snaps from their UK headline shows

Moose Blood are currently touring the UK in support of their debut album, I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time. So (to keep them occupied) we put the Canterbury quartet – Eddy, Mark, Kyle and Glenn – on tour diary duty as they kicked off proceedings in Kingston.

Saviours of emo, purveyors of post-rock riffs or protectors of fairy lights – call them what you will, even these four friends aren’t immune to a little van trouble. Check out the band’s tour photos below…

Warning, content includes controversial FIFA results. 

Moose Blood tm tour diary - band practise

Production day for the tour, dance moves scrapped last minute due to fractured fibula, worse things have happened.

Moose Blood tm tour diary - band shot

Marky boy wanted starbucks. He got Starbucks, he also got four people walking between him and the person taking the photo and 15 useless photos. Cheers.

Moose Blood tm tour diary - banquet records

Here’s the stage set-up for the tour from the first night and first sold out show at Kingston’s Fighting Cocks, with the lovely and accommodating Banquet Records.

Moose Blood tm tour diar - crowd shoty

A packed show at Norwich Epic TV Studios. Trisha turned up and was apparently a big fan, turns out she misread Moose Blood as Metallica and got the hump and left in a strop, after sorting out several people’s problems for them. Cheers, Trish.

Moose Blood tm tour diary - sleeping band

Worlds first invisible bunk bed.

Moose Blood tm tour diary - van trouble

Eddy was winning 15-0 on FIFA in the van, 16-0 tipped the van over the edge.
A victory for Eddy – yes.
A victory for the Halfords mechanic meeting his childhood heroes – no.

Moose Blood tm tour diary broken down van

When there’s a will there’s a way: arriving for a sold out Cardiff show on the back of a tow truck.

moose blood tm tour diary - crowds

The beginning of the end to a very stressful day of sitting in the the side of A-road awaiting recovery. Three hours of waiting was consumed with fruit throwing into a nearby field, Marky boy misheard the word ‘field’ as ‘van door’ so aimed at that instead – the only photographic evidence is a squashed orange, but no-one wants to see that do they? Mercy buckets Cardiff for a cracking night.

Moose Blood tm tour diary - photoshoot

Doing some new press shots in spare time between shows. The freezer called, it wants its cool back.

Moose Blood tm tour diary - dinner

Rub a dub dub, 6 men in a Spoons.

Moose Blood tm tour diary - merch

Merch City in Bristol, a huge thanks to anyone that has bought anything at any point, you keep the band going and are contributing to a trendier world everyday. Many thanks.

Moose Blood tm tour diary - band cafe shot

Pretty self explanatory café there. Kyle had so much coffee he turned into a Native American and faced the wrong way for the picture.

Moose Blood tm tour diary - drums

A massive thanks to everyone that comes out to any of our shows, buys our records and merch, and supports us in anyway; words can’t describe how much we love to write and perform music, and you guys make it happen. Thanks again.

P.S. Eddy didn’t really win 16-0 on FIFA, Tour Manager Ollie beat him 3-0, and he had a 3 star team.

Tickets are still available for some of Moose Blood’s remaining UK dates – don’t miss them!

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