Tour diary: Forever Never report from their One Life launch party

Essex rockers Forever Never take us behind-the-scenes at their single launch party for One Life at Camden’s Barfly.

Frontman Renny Carroll tells us what went down…


“So the last time we played the Barfly was in 2012 on our “farewell” tour. Three and a bit years later it is with some excitement that I’m pleased to say we are returning there to play our One Life launch night show.


Rehearsals over the past few weeks have been some of the most fun and passionate rehearsals that we have had in years, and thankfully everything has been clicking into place at just the right time. 


Load in at the venue was 3pm, but myself and George had to first make a detour to SE London to pick up some sexy new ‘One Life’ tees. For once, we planned our journey to perfection and after we collected said shirts in the Batmobile we arrived at the venue bang on 3pm to meet our long-time friend and sound engineer for the show, Avis. 


Shortly after Mitch arrived, followed by Ransom and we started getting ourselves set up. 


Unfortunately however, our day hit a snag when we heard from Sam (drummer), that he had actually broken down on the way to the venue. This wouldn’t have been so much of a problem normally, but we had also agreed to share gear with our support bands Jakil and Faces of Eve. AWKWARD SAUCE. 


We waited. And waited. And waited. I’m not gonna lie, the wait was one of the most painfully drawn out waits that I’ve ever had, especially when the other bands were also relying on our drummer arriving so THEY could play as well. 


Doors were supposed to be at 7pm, and Sam eventually arrived at 7:20pm. All hands were firmly on deck, as we waited for him to arrive outside. We swiftly got all the drums into the venue, and we got the stage ready for the opening band. We would have loved to have a soundcheck, but with the time already cracking on – we knew Avis would do us proud anyway! 


After a bit of delay, Faces of Eve and Jakil, both gave cracking sets, and at 9:45pm, after some warming up, we were ready to hit the Barfly stage. 


The gig was one of my favourite FN gigs to date! The crowd were absolutely amazing, and the vibe in the room was one of fun, and one of love. Just how we like it! 


After we finished, we hung out with our FNMATES – we always like to thank our fans personally that continue to support us. Without them, there is no ‘us’, it’s as simple as that. 


The gig was a fantastic way to finish up 2015 for us. A year which has seen us find our feet again, and we feel in a great position for 2016, starting with a tour with The Defiled at the end of January



Forever Never, One Life Launch Party, Camden Barfly, 17/11/15
Photos: Rachael King