Tour Bus Playlist: Bang Bang Romeo’s favourite songs

With headline shows and a P!NK support run on the horizon, here's what the band will be listening to.

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2019 is already shaping up to be a huge year for Doncaster pop-meets-rock trio Bang Bang Romeo. The first half already boasts a debut album release, a headline UK tour, as well as an opening slot on P!NK’s huge stadium tour.

Comprising vocalist Anastasia Walker, guitarist Ross Cameron, and Richard Gartland on drums, Bang Bang Romeo unleashed the first taste of their retro filled pop-and-roll back in 2015, and last year made huge waves with the release of their Shame On You EP. The record’s title track explodes with Walker’s distinctively massive voice, and a hearty swagger. Sitting up against the soaring Adore Me and the power-balladry of Chemical, the five track EP showcases their penchant for a blindsiding melody.

More recently, Bang Bang Romeo have unveiled the video for Bag Of Bones, taken from the same EP. The rousing track is now accompanied by equally affirming visuals, summarised by the words on a light box adjacent to their performance: Normal gets you nowhere. the song and video then expand into a celebration of individuality and self-discovery.

Bang Bang Romeo - Bag of Bones (Official Music Video)


With their Bag Of Bones video set to turn yet more heads, Bang Bang Romeo are now gearing up for a busy six months. Their debut A Heartbreaker’s Guide To The Galaxy will see the light of day on the 14 June 2019, shortly before they take to the road with pop megastar P!NK across the UK and Europe. Before that, they are playing a handful of headline shows on their very own The Wicked Souls Tour.

“Right, real talk… How does one comprehend being offered a tour with one of their heroes, a fucking world icon, and not only that, but you’ll be supporting her for two nights in a row at Wembley Stadium, as well as the biggest stadiums in Europe whilst releasing your debut album,” the band ask before concluding, “one doesn’t.”

“One continues with their every day lives, writing songs, working hard, eating Coco Pops for brecky, washing the pots before the Mrs is home from work, and being thankful and READY as hell to put on the performance of your LIVES in June 2019 with P!NK.”

With so much on the horizon, we caught up with Bang Bang Romeo to find out which tracks will be soundtracking their already exciting year.

INXS – Never Tear Us Apart
“This tune is on in the tour bus all the time. When that sax kicks in, you check to see if your seatbelt is fastened and turn the stereo up by 10.”

INXS - Never Tear Us Apart

Michael Jackson – Can You Feel It?
“Genius. An MJ playlist is never far from circulation in the tour bus, as well as the dressing room before heading on stage. MJ is so inspiring because it was ALL him, everything you hear came from that mind of his. From the lyrics to the bass line, to the beat and the voice. Can you feel it? Errr, yeah.”

Spiritualised – Out Of Sight
“This is the song you stick on when you’ve got your final five minutes before you reach the venue and you wanna get PUMPED UP TO FUCK. We’ve lost ourselves so so many times to this one, it also massively inspired us in the studio when it came to producing our debut album with the instrumentation choices and how to create a crescendo you can be truly proud of. It reeks of indie James Bond and we can’t get enough of it… Don’t listen to it when you’re smashed though, we were shooting a video in Spain once, finished the shoot with a few bevvys and ended up putting it on ten times in a row. I wouldn’t mind but it was 3AM and it’s over six bastard-minutes long.”

Radiohead – Karma Police
“Anything off the OK Computer album and you’re onto a winner really. We’re huge Radiohead fans and cite them as one of our biggest musical influences. They’re a beautifully haunting band, and we take huge inspiration from how they manage to paint such terrifyingly wonderful images with their songs. We’ve got lost in many a Radiohead song.. No really, we ended up in a random secluded wood once where time stood still, instead of in London Town where the gig was because of a Radiohead album, no joke, funny / tragic times.”

Radiohead - Karma Police

Lana Del Rey – Dark Paradise

“When the Born To Die album came out, myself and Ross were just writing together seeing where it took us, and this album was on constantly. Since then, Lana has taken her seat in our little tour bus everywhere we go. The only thing she leaves behind after the journey is a haunting American-era-50’s meets modern-pop stain on the seat, unlike Richard who leaves Monster Munch crumbs all of the bloody place. We like Lana.”

Lana Del Rey - Dark Paradise (Audio)

Catch Bang Bang Romeo on the following dates:

18 February 2019 – Phase 1, Liverpool
19 February 2019 – 78 Sackville Street, Manchester
20 February 2019 – Heartbreakers, Southampton
21 February 2019 – Our Black Heart, London
22 February 2019 – The Actress and Bishop, Birmingham
23 February 2019 – Heardrow House, Leeds
2 June 2019 – Camden Rocks Festival, London
18 June 2019 – RDS Arena, Dublin*
20 June 2019 – Principality Stadium, Cardiff*
22 June 2019 – Hampden Park, Glasgow*
25 June 2019 – Anfield Stadium, Liverpool*
29 June 2019 – Wembley Stadium, London*
30 June 2019 – Wembley Stadium, London*
*supporting P!NK

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