Top five places to see great street performances in London

Lots of the world’s top talent started their careers by performing on the streets. So if you want to find the next generation of Ed Sheerans before they are famous, here’s where you are most likely to spot them.

1. Covent Garden, The Piazza
Covent Garden has been the home of a thriving street performance culture for centuries. For the capital’s greatest circle acts head for the piazza during afternoons into early evenings seven days a week. On the opposite side of the main building there are also two popular music pitches, where singer-songwriters serenade passersby with a range of original songs and covers. If your tastes are a little more highbrow check out the inner Covent Garden areas for some opera and classical performers.

2. Covent Garden, James Street
There is also an abundance of striking living statues on James Street, leading down to magic corner where you are most likely to find street musicians at work. Try to check both areas out if you can.

street performers Covent Garden

Image: @CoventGardenLDN

3. North Terrace of Trafalgar Square
The wide pedestrian area outside the National Gallery provides a perfect destination for a range of street performers. Look out for a variety of musicians and living statues next time you’re walking through Trafalgar Square.

4. Southbank
Walk along the Thames towards the London Eye and you are sure to find a range of quality street performances seven days a week. With plenty of commuters and tourists passing through the area, the atmosphere is always electric.

5. London Underground
Transport for London have been running their busking scheme (Busking in London) for over 10 years and it’s still proving very popular with commuters. Due to its location, you will find performances here during rain or shine, and mostly during peak times.

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