Ticketmaster presents the sound of 2023

Two stages. Six great new artists. Discover your next favourite band as we host exciting rising stars at the First Fifty showcase

The Great Escape has always offered a great chance to unearth the next big acts in music before they hit the mainstream. If you want to get your foot in the door even sooner, however, then the First Fifty provides an early look at some of the best artists heading to Brighton in May 2023. In select venues around East London, the First Fifty allows you to see next year’s biggest bands on the smallest stages – and this year, we’re hosting the party.

We’re bringing some of our favourite new acts to two exclusive stages at Hoxton’s Folklore and Hackney’s Oslo on November 15, with tickets for both available now. You heard them here first…

Melin Melyn

Melin Melyn - Hold The Line

The Welsh band blend folk, pop, rock and groovy seventies psychedelia into their own mystical, musical world, full of fairy tales and fantastical creatures. With tracks in both English and Welsh, they switch between sounds as fluidly as they do languages. Join them for a set dripping in Celtic folklore and whimsical genre-swapping.


Artemas - Favourite

Artemas’ confessional alt-pop is as genuine as it is endearing. Not afraid to get personal, the Oxford singer songwriter discusses relationships and mental health with a frankness that feels as if you’re sitting cross-legged across from him on his bed. Once you’ve exhausted his Spotify, head on over to his TikTok where he’s put his own spin on a multitude of 00s TV themes.

The Heavy Heavy

The Heavy Heavy - Miles And Miles (Official Video)

One of the UK’s most exciting new rock acts, the Heavy Heavy take inspiration from classic rock and roll – Fleetwood Mac, the Rolling Stones, the Hollies – and combine it with their own brand of sunshiny pop. The fuzzy, hazy nostalgia of their debut EP makes for a warming listen, and very likely an irresistible live set.

Áine Dean

older (live acoustic)

Dean’s chatty lyrics and gentle vocals sound like a phone call with a friend. Don’t be deceived, however – there’s real skill behind her frank writing and, if her mounting Spotify listens are anything to go by, she’s headed for indie pop fame. Her debut EP just dropped, and be warned – it’s a tearjerker.

Sarah Kinsley

Sarah Kinsley - Cypress (Official Video)

The American singer-songwriter has been vocal about her decision to self-produce her music, citing the low numbers of female producers in the industry. Inspired both by her classical training and her personal experiences, her discography is full of dreamy alt-pop creations, including three critically acclaimed EPs. Lose yourself in her masterful vocals and stirring, emotive songwriting.

Sans Soucis

Sans Soucis - All Over This Party

Taking her persona from a childhood nickname meaning ‘carefree’, Soucis’ music feels exactly that. Her discography is a vibrant exploration of her identity, shaped both by her cultural background and her personal journey. The Italian-born, London-based artist is keen to be many things at once, and her attempts are rewarded with a colourful, never-repetitive collection of indie pop.

The First Fifty events are taking place across London on Tuesday 15 November, including the two stages hosted by Ticketmaster at Folklore and London Oslo. Tickets for all stages are available here.