Ticketmaster meets… Twin Atlantic

Formed in 2007, Glaswegian rockers Twin Atlantic have built up a loyal following and repertoire of hits. With the band’s third album ‘Great Divide’ already shaping up to be the biggest of their career, we talked festivals with drummer Craig Kneale ahead of their Reading set.

What was your first festival experience?

I think it was T in the Park, in Scotland, in 2001. I went purely to see the Foo Fighters as they were my favourite band, and it was great, except my main memory is going to watch Oasis and a guy got stabbed in the leg!

It was pretty horrific, especially when you’re 15, pretty traumatising. It’s the only person I’ve seen stabbed fortunately since then, but yeah that was my first festival.

It’s probably got better from there though!

Who would be your dream headliners for a festival?

Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Radiohead. You could get two of them I guess, so I’m more than half way there!

Do you have any festival essentials?

There are the obvious ones in the UK, like always bring wellies. Be prepared for the weather, bring a rain jacket, bring wellies and don’t drink too much.

Drink a lot, but don’t drink too much – know your limits!

What are your thoughts on camping?

I don’t think we could now.. I think once you get on the other side and you get to see the nice bit, going back seems like the most horrific thing. Which is really sad ‘cause I’d love to be able to just go to a festival as a punter, but I don’t know if I’d be able to last the full thing now. I think I’d last one day and then be like ‘I wanna go to the nice bit’!  

What’s on for you guys after Reading?

Well these are our last festivals for the summer and then in September we’ve got just a couple of things on, like going to Europe for a week just to do some promo. Then in October we’ve got a headline tour in the UK, then we go straight to Europe, and then straight to America, and that takes us up until Christmas! We get to actually play lots of gigs again soon which will be cool. It feels like we haven’t toured properly in a long time so we’re really excited about it.  

Is there anyone you’re looking forward to seeing at the festival?

There’s a band called Catfish & the Bottlemen that I really want to see, but I think they play about 5minutes after we finish so I may have to run across! And I do really want to see Queens of the Stone Age. I saw them live when I was really young but I didn’t really know any of their songs and they’re one of my favourite bands now so I really want to see them. Oh and I actually really like Blood Red Shoes as well who are playing right now!

Twin Atlantic kick off their tour in October – tickets available here. Their new album Great Divide is out now.

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