Ticketmaster meets… Sleeping With Sirens

With the exciting news that they’re bringing their co-headlining tour with Pierce The Veil to the UK and Europe, we caught up with Kellin and Justin from Sleeping With Sirens ahead of their mainstage set at Reading Festival.

What are your first festival memories?

Justin: I saw Dave Matthews Band in California, I think Sheryl Crowe was on it and Blues Traveller.. I was like nine years old and I was down in the crowd. There were all these people dancing and I was in the middle dancing with them.
Kellin: Mine was at this place called Blues on the Mall, at Grand Rapids Michigan. I saw Whitesnake and it was awesome! I was like nine as well.

Who would be your ideal festival headliners?

Justin: If The Scorpions had been headlining that show it would have been the sh*t!
Whitesnake and The Scorpions, that’s all you need, just a couple of really scary creatures.
Kellin : But if we had to put together our own festival right now who would we put headlining it?
Justin: Oh!
Kellin: Ok, Muse would be headlining it…
Justin: Oh yeah, good one
Kellin: I’d want Jamiroquai on the bill, Kid Rock would be there but he’s just playing his old stuff, not so much the country stuff… Who else would I want to see dude? Who would you wanna see?! We’d get real weird with it…
Justin: I want Skynyrd!
Kellin: Skynyrd yeah! I want Tupac to come back. I want him and Biggie to do a co-rap thing together and it would be called Squash the Beef set. Oh and opening would be us; we’d wanna open so we could watch after!

This is your first Reading, how are you finding it?

Justin: It’s amazing, it’s huge!
Kellin: Yeah it’s cool. We’re getting everything done early so we can just hang out after, ‘cause I get real nervous when I play shows.

Do you have any advice for festival fans?

Justin: Plan for the worst. Bring everything form rain boots to sunscreen, a range of clothes, everything.
Kellin: Jack said ‘bring your rain boots and then bring your party boots’, cause when you take your rain boots off then you’re going to want to wear your party boots.

Do you think you could all survive festival camping together?

Justin: Oh yeah
Kellin: Me and Justin yeah, me and Gabe no, and Jack is a really loud breather.
Every once in a while we have to share beds sometimes, and there was one time I was sharing with Jack and he rolled over and was just breathing on my neck – it made me feel real uncomfortable!

You know I was dreaming about my wife and all of a sudden I feel his breath on me, which isn’t even sexy or hot if it’s your wife breathing on your neck, but I wake up and it’s Jack’s furry, scruffy beard breathing on me!

You just had your show in London at the Underworld, how was that?

Kellin: It was so fun, it was great. I love playing small shows. You can hear everybody, everyone’s stoked, and everyone that’s there wants to be there.
Justin: They all wanna be in the front row so it’s crazy the entire time
Kellin: With festivals it’s a little bit weird cause everyone’s just kind of around so it’s nice ot play shows where it’s like everyone that’s there wants to be there.

So what’s next for Sleeping With Sirens?

Kellin: Next is our world tour with Pierce the Veil, which we’re already prepping for. We’re really excited, it’s gonna be awesome!

‘The World Tour’ featuring Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil comes to the UK in 2015 – tickets are available here.

Sleeping With Sirens - If You Can't Hang (Official Music Video)