Three reasons Beyoncé remains untouchable during Formation Tour

There’s been something untouchable about Beyoncé ever since her Destiny’s Child days, and the reviews from her Formation World Tour so far suggest nothing has changed.

Lemonade saw the superstar step out with a renewed sass – whether she’s singing about Jay Z or not, it doesn’t really matter because her sultry tones put Bey right back at the top of her game.

Here are three things that ensure her Formation World Tour is suitably unstoppable:


The entrances

Only Queen Bey can wangle multiple entrances at one show, right? There’s the ones accompanied by illuminated statements (like when the words ‘God is God. I am not’ are beamed above her), solo intros where she shakes off the support of her backing dancers and the most flamboyant of stage action, where Beyoncé appears like a whirlwind of aggravated beauty.


The fierce formation

Much like that time she completely obliterated the Super Bowl pitch, Beyoncé’s new dance routines are arguably her most fiery. She snaps and locks like a robot powered by pure female dominance; it’s really quite spectacular.


The Ballads

What would a Beyoncé gig be without those slow songs? We don’t ever want to find out. Halo has been proving the most powerful of her current set, which she often dedicates to her family. Most recently in Detroit, she sent shockwaves around the world by using the song to pay tribute to the Orlando victims.

These are just three reasons to keep swooning until Beyoncé brings her Formation World Tour to the UK later this month – what are you most excited for? Let us know at @TicketmasterUK.

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