The countdown to Ticketmaster’s Busted Weekend is on!

Busted mania is taking over Ticketmaster UK this weekend, so expect to see a whole lot of the reformed three-piece across the blog,, Twitter and Facebook.

Charlie Simpson, James Bourne and Matt Willis announced their comeback earlier this week, as they reunited at the same London hotel where they announced their split 11 years ago.

“For me, there’s a huge sense of unfinished business …” Matt explained. “I always thought in my heart we’d do Busted again, but that it was just a matter of when and how.”

While James added: “We’ve done this crazy, exciting, adventurous, scenic route back to being Busted. And now we’re here, we’re all super-re-energised.”

We spoke to fans outside Soho Hotel following the announcement – check out what they told us in the video below.

Don’t miss the Q&A with Busted and notepads at the ready, we’ve got top tips on how to improve your changes of getting Busted tickets first.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook this weekend! 

Tickets for Busted’s 2016 comeback tour go on sale at 09:00 tomorrow (Friday 13 November), just head to

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