The Amazons stay cool in the heat at London’s Amazing Grace

The indie rockers debut new tracks and air out old favourites to an adoring crowd

In a converted church in London Bridge, the Amazons are crashing through the final lines of ‘Bloodrush’, the lead single from their upcoming album. It’s a favourite with the crowd, who have been roaring the lyrics back at the band with appropriately religious fervour. As the track comes to an end, a voice from the crowd cuts through the applause. “That was okay,” it says.

Cue laughter from both the audience and the band onstage. Lead singer Matt Thomson enjoys the joke immensely. The tone feels appropriate for a performance from a group characterised by their masterfully nonchalant brand of rock – it’s a hot summer in London and the air in Amazing Grace is thick and muggy, but Thomson, in a badge-covered denim jacket, has barely broken a sweat. Opening with adrenaline-charged latest single ‘Ready For Something’, he and the group move through their energetic setlist with easy charm, offering occasional smiles and waves to the moshing crowd. Bringing the energy down with unreleased track ‘Northern Star’, a ballad about the people who “pull you through when you’re struggling”, Thomson sails over high notes as the congregation watches, hushed. They make it look easy.

‘Northern Star’ was one of four unreleased tracks from How Will I Know That Heaven Will Find Me? that the audience were treated to. The enthusiastic reception to each made it clear that The Amazons have something good coming. Thomson also took a moment to remind the crowd of their October show at London’s Roundhouse, promising a display to “burn their eyes out”. “In a joyful way,” he clarifies. “You know, your eyes sizzling from happiness.”

By the time the band close out with ‘Black Magic’ (“You gotta acknowledge where you came from,” shrugs Thomson before things kick off), the mood in Amazing Grace is hugely celebratory. Half the crowd is engaged in one big moshpit. The rest stare rapt at the stage, shouting the words. The Amazons are as composed as ever. As Joe Emmett rumbles through a hypnotizing drum solo, the rest of the band look on with satisfied grins. And off they walk, no encore, leaving a sweaty, breathless crowd to come back down to earth.

How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me? will be released September 2. Find tickets for The Amazons here.